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We are a group of organisations with a passion for participatory arts and an understanding that working together to strengthen support for those working in the field will bring benefits for everyone involved. 

Coming together as ArtWorks Alliance enables us to do more - more swiftly - to develop participatory arts than we can achieve individually. We can support better both the organisations delivering participatory arts and the artists working in the field, leading to higher quality experiences for participants.

Our work is ambitious and far-sighted. You can find out who we are here. And you can join us here too.

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ArtWorks Alliance is funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, with additional project funding from Creative Scotland. 


ArtWorks was originally developed by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


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ArtWorks Alliance and its members have created a huge library of research materials, reports and other resources. These all feature in our Knowledge Bank which is fully searchable and being added to all the time - and its free to everyone to use.

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What’s the point? Kathryn Deane is exploring culture value

Date: November 2016 | Posted by: chris

Why do we do participatory arts? Let’s not try an answer here: it’s all in the fascinating report of the three-year Arts & Humanities Research Council Cultural Value Project.

What the report highlights is that wishing for benefits from participatory arts isn’t enough: the evidence is often unconvincing and approaches are not sufficiently rigorous. On the other hand, we’re overlooking some areas where real benefits are to be found. Part of the problem lies in our tendency to confuse evidence with short-term advocacy.

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ArtWorks Cymru conference, 29-30 November 2016

Date: November 2016 | Posted by: chris

Cymryd yr Awennau / Doing it for Ourselves

This year, ArtWorks Alliance member ArtWorks Cymru's conference is of interest to practitioners and managers wherever they live and work in the UK.

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Older people's dance activities - first UK survey published

Date: November 2016 | Posted by: chris

A new research report into current practice in older people's dance, published by ArtWorks Alliance member People Dancing and co-commissioned by Aesop, was launched at the House of Lords on 7 November 2016.

This new research report provides a snapshot of current practice in older people’s dance.

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Quality frameworks launched

Date: October 2016 | Posted by: admin

Frameworks for the quality of participatory arts have recently been launched by ArtWorks Alliance members ArtWorks Cymru and Creative Scotland.

Quality frameworks are developing in different ways to serve different purposes. That is the main finding from an ArtWorks Alliance action group which is exploring the development and use of generalist frameworks across the participatory arts sector.

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