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We are a group of organisations and individuals with a passion for participatory arts and an understanding that working together to strengthen support for those working in the field will bring benefits for everyone involved. 

Coming together as ArtWorks Alliance enables us to do more - more swiftly - to develop participatory arts than we can each achieve on our own. We can support better both the organisations delivering participatory arts and the artists working in the field, leading to higher quality experiences for participants.

Our work is ambitious and far-sighted. You can find out who we are here. And you can join us here too.

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ArtWorks Alliance is funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, with additional project funding from Creative Scotland. 


ArtWorks was originally developed by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


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ArtWorks Alliance and its partners have created a huge library of research materials, reports and other resources. These all feature in our Knowledge Bank which is fully searchable and being added to all the time - and its free to everyone to use.

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Prepositions and propositions...

Date: February 2018 | Posted by: mary

Prepositions may be small words, but they tell big stories…

Alliance secretariat Mary Schwarz reflects on the recent desire expressed by Sir Nicholas Serota, Chair of Arts Council England, for greater ‘access to what the arts have to offer’ alongside Charles Leadbeater’s call for ‘the art of with’… and wonders whether it’s actually the little boy who said he felt ‘A puppet show in my stomach’ who’s on to something truly radical.

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Owning the L word...

Date: January 2018 | Posted by: mary

Extend cultural leadership programme evaluator Mary Schwarz shares some reflections on why people working in education and learning roles make such great leaders…and how leadership can be practised in all sorts of ways and by all sorts of people – not just ‘the boss’. 

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‘Solopreneurship’, sustainability and system change

Date: December 2017 | Posted by: mary

Following her work as Paul Hamlyn Foundation ArtWorks initiative Project Director and Advisor (2010-17), Susanne Burns was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to visit the USA and Australia, exploring solutions to support artists working in participatory settings. She reflects on her enquiry, learning through different lenses and where synthesis leads...

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Dandelions and dissent

Date: November 2017 | Posted by: mary

Newsletter subscriber Stephen Pritchard reviews Culture, Democracy and the Right to Make Art: The British Community Arts Movement edited by Alison Jeffers and Gerri Moriarty.

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