ArtWorks Alliance members

ArtWorks Alliance members are organisations, networks and individuals who want to connect, collaborate and create a collective voice for participatory arts. Find out how you can join in here.

Abi Horsfield
Alivia Goldhill
Amanda Smethurst
Amanda Wells
Anita Holford
Ann Wise
Barbara Henderson
Brenda Coyle
Carmen Wong
Catharine Clark
Catherine Rogers
Catherine Yau
Cathy Spiers
Catriona McIntyre
Claudia Collins
Courtney Bates
Dawn Hartley
Ellie Tait
Emma Dyson
Emma Long
Fiona Pritchard
Gemma Smith
Gill Ogden
Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir
Guy O'Donnell
Harriet Warnock
Heather Evans
Helena Attlee
Heloise Godfrey-Talbot
Holly Norcop
Isobel Murdoch
Jane Ellis
Joanne Dorothea-Smith
Joanne Launder
Josephine Hepplewhite
Jude Handley
Karen Smith
Kerry Morrison
Kirstin Oliver
Laura Mateescu
Laura Rees
Lisa Stead
Llif Flow
Mariana Pereira
Marianne Matusz
Marla King
Martin Glover
Mary Ann Lancaster - Heritage Associates
Nigel Stone
Owen Hurcombe
Protagonist Art
Rachel Griffiths
Rachel Veitch-Straw
Rebecca Hearne
Sally Lewis
Sarah Atter
Sarah Gregson
Siobhan Wedgeworth
Sorcha Pringle
Stephen Barbe
Susanne Burns
Tara Johnston-Comerford
Tessa Buddle
Totnes Young People's Theatre
Vickie Bissett
Wendy O'Connor
Xenia Horne
Zoe Clifford
Zoe Connel
Zorazelda King

Below are the members, including the 10 ArtWorks Alliance founding organisations, who signed up as ‘partners’ over the last five years and in May 2020, moved the network to its current membership model.