ArtWorks Evaluation Final Report

Author: dha & the Institute for Cultural Practices, University of Manchester
Publication Date: March 2015
Category: Evaluations & Reports
Short Summary:

Mapping, analysis, achievements and findings of the PHF ArtWorks special initiative


The evaluation team’s report explains how they have mapped and analysed ArtWorks as an initiative – using an ‘intervention model’ against which to understand progress against aims; assessing its size and scale; undertaking conceptual clustering of activities; and modelling partnership approaches. It also details their findings. Key achievements noted include: new partnerships and relationships; contribution to the critical mass of knowledge in this area; pathfinders and partners better informed about artists’ needs; tested and transferable models; the engagement of national funding agencies; and strong indications of legacy work.

Tags: artists, ArtWorks Cymru, ArtWorks London, ArtWorks Navigator, ArtWorks North East, ArtWorks Scotland, careers, codes, commissioners, consultation, CPD, definition, diversity, employers, funders, further education, higher education, participants, partnerships, Pathfinder, peer, Practice, qualifications, quality, skills, training
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