Enhancing arts and culture in the criminal justice system: A partnership approach

Author: Jessica Plant and Dora Dixon et al
Publication Date: June 2019
Category: Toolkits & Guidance
Short Summary:

Guide to working in criminal justice settings.


This guide is for artists, arts organisations and cultural institutions interested in working in criminal justice settings. It is designed to assist the development of high quality arts and cultural practice in these unique environments, emphasising the practical, creative and ethical considerations.

The document outlines the complex and changing nature of the criminal justice system and makes the case for why reaching out through the arts to those who are socially excluded is valuable, not only to the individual, but for arts and culture collectively. The toolkit provides practical information on how to deliver work in these settings. It sets out some principles of best practice, putting individuals with complex needs at the heart of effective interventions, encouraging partnership work and ensuring artistic quality.

Tags: artist, criminal justice, participation
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