Reflectors: Experiences of co-mentoring within dance and disability

Author: Sarah Scott
Publication Date: December 2005
Category: Evaluations & Reports
Short Summary:

Reflections by participants in a co-mentoring programme.


The personal stories of disabled and non-disabled dance practitioners working together in a shared learning experience.

The origins of this co-mentoring project can be traced back to 1999 and a research project undertaken for the Foundation for Community Dance (now People Dancing) by consultant, researcher and journalist Annie Delin. The research report, Do Dancing, reviewed opportunities for disabled people to dance in the East and West Midlands, as a participatory arts experience, for recreation and as a career choice.

This report highlighted the value of peer-learning opportunities and  exchange, in supporting both disabled and non-disabled dancers with artistic and creative development, exchange of expertise, and knowledge and understanding of context. To this end, the Foundation for Community Dance developed a co-mentoring programme for ten disabled and non-disabled dance practitioners.

Reflectors is a collection of reflections by participants in this co-mentoring programme. It reveals process, outcome and impact through the voices of the participants themselves.

Tags: CPD, dance, disability, mentoring, peer learning
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