ArtWorks Alliance members have mantras: ‘We only do what only we can do.’ ‘It’s not what we take, it’s what we bring.’ True – but worthy: be honest, you want to know WIIFM?

Kathryn Deane, Consultant Director, shares what members are saying about the real rewards…

Even in the collegiate, collaborative world of participatory arts, there’s only so much altruism one can afford. If you’re thinking of joining the network, it’s quite reasonable to expect it to be rewarding. I’ve been talking to members about what they think those rewards might be. They’ve told me:

‘I can network with people I’d otherwise not get to meet’

We’re wide-ranging: different countries of the UK, different artforms and sectors, dong different jobs. Discussions in our regular forum meetings will bring you fresh ideas, new voices, and important contacts – just one afternoon’s work could save you (in time and travel) a dozen or more individual trips. Bonds forged at forum meetings make it easier to do business between meetings.

‘I get to be a serious influencer’

We’re senior, well-respected voices in participatory arts from across the UK, between us representing tens of thousands of participatory artists.. As a third-tier network we can claim rightly to being ‘the national conversation about participatory arts.’ Feel that ArtWorks Alliance conversations ignore you? Easy to remedy: just join us and have your say!

‘We’re the go-to place’

We’re becoming known as the place where participatory arts is at: the people who want to talk to us are the people we want to talk to. The work we do – for example on quality – is better shared because our values and voices are recognised as leaders.

‘I get to make progress on the really difficult issues’

Our work in developing participatory arts is carried out in action groups: a number of us getting together to solve a problem that none of us can do on our own. Importantly, those issues are the ones we want to explore, and we deal with them as we decide is most appropriate.

‘I’m more efficient in my work’

Networking, influencing, recognition, and action – we each do all of this every day. By doing it through and with ArtWorks Alliance issues of importance to us get sorted more efficiently and comprehensively than we could do on our own. Working in ArtWorks Alliance doesn’t get in the way of our day-jobs; it makes your day-job more efficient.

‘The more the better’

The more we each do through ArtWorks Alliance, the more the benefits stack up. More members means more stuff happening – and that means more activity, more networking, more issues sorted, and a more go-to place.

Sounds convincing to me. Can I convince you in turn?

Email me on and let me try.